Well-made, no batteries need. Grows with your baby and the mat cleans well in the washing machine

Fits on a baby bouncer, stroller, MamaRoo, Pack 'N Play, the list goes on! And it's easy to swap out the toys based on your baby's current favorites

Put down the overwhelming checklists!  Your house does not need be overrun by a million baby products.  We've put together a curated list of only the tried and true fan favorites


top picks!

Recommendations based on feedback from 100+ moms!

Mustela Bath Products

The best baby smell in the whole world.  The infant shampoo foam is great for cradle cap.

Nesting Days Newborn Carrier

You put this one on over your head like a shirt, no confusing straps to figure out.

The pages crinkle and the tails are easy for baby to hold in their palms (and mouths).


These cute covers fit on a variety of bassinet sizes, including the UPPAbaby Vista.  Lots of blowout and spit up can be expected with a newborn.  These covers protect the mattress pad from getting dirty and are so quick and easy to to change after a mess.

Nose Frida

Newborns get congested SO easily. And no, the snot does not get anywhere close to your mouth

Doona Infant Car Seat

A must-have for new mamas to get around quickly and conveniently.  No need to lug your stroller in and out of the trunk with this one

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini

Our other favorite newborn carrier.  More structured than Nesting Days, but still soft and cozy

Diaper Cream Brush

Diaper cream is messy and stays under your fingernails forever, especially when you have to apply it multiple times a day.  This brush solves that.

Green Goo Baby Balm

This balm does it all, helps with diaper rash, baby acne, chapped skin, cradle cap, eczema and psoriasis

Bringing Up Bebe

Reads like a novel and doesn't induce fear.  If you pick one book, pick this one.

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