Baby Care Class

Our baby care class teaches soon to be parents how to soothe, bathe, change, burp, and swaddle their baby effectively while creating a safe and calm environment for your baby to thrive.

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How are Prenatal Classes are Different

A lot of mamas told us that the prenatal classes they have taken at the hospital or in other settings lasted for multiple hours and all focused on the worst-case scenarios. Our prenatal classes are here to help relieve anxiety, not add to it. All of our classes are just one hour long, to provide useful information in a manageable way without the overload. All of our experts are not only credentialed in their field, but are all mamas too (a theme you’ve probably picked up on by now). They remember what it’s like to be sitting where you are and are ready to help you prepare for the newest member of your family.

Our prenatal classes are meant to set the foundation for our six-week Newborn Mommy & Me Leagues but do not have to be taken together. Prenatal classes are offered to expecting mamas at any stage in their pregnancy. Sign up for whichever topics interest you on your own timeline. Class sizes will be limited to provide plenty of time for questions.

We will explore techniques and products to best support you in those first amazing, but overwhelming months. Bathing, swaddling, soothing, diapering and baby wearing will all be covered in this fun, informative class.

This class will help new parents build confidence in themselves to better support each other and their baby. 

Classes are 1 hour and the price includes bringing a partner — for dates and locations, click below!

Baby Care Class - $45


"I didn't know just how much I needed The Mama League! The Mommy & Me League introduced me to so many cool moms in my neighborhood that are right in thick of it—just like me. Forever grateful for this group of women!"

If you'd like to see Mama League classes located in your town, please let us know where we should come next!

All classes are currently located in Hinsdale but are open to all mamas in the western suburbs and beyond!

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