We heard two things over and over when talking to new mamas, 1) Google + Instagram is an overwhelming amount of information overload and 2) pandemic or not, being a new mama can be isolating, I’m craving in-person socialization and need to get out of my house! Enter the Mama League.

Newborn Mommy & Me Leagues

a 7-week immersive program to help you navigate the 4th trimester

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The fourth trimester, but better!

We are here to help you build your village.  We'll connect you with local experts (that are mamas too!) all while forming friendships with other local mamas and their newborns. So stop asking Dr. Google how a Haakaa works or how long your baby should stay awake between feedings, and come ask your questions to a real expert face-to-face. Wouldn’t it be nice to get answers specific to your baby and not just the general answers you find online?

Each seven-week class league is arranged by your baby’s birth month so that everyone in the class is experiencing the same phase of motherhood. Connect with other mamas and know that you are not in this alone.  Class sizes will be limited as classes are hands on with time for questions.

Each League includes seven classes, held once a week for 90 minutes.  All classes are currently located in Hinsdale.

Seven week league - $325

Sleep Foundations and Schedules

Feeding (breastmilk and/or formula)

Physical Therapy for Mom

Physical Therapy for Baby

Traveling with your Baby

Reducing Mom Guilt & Anxiety

Topics Include

"This class was the perfect transition into motherhood. It helped answer the million questions I had, as well as relate with other recent moms. The experts helped navigate us through various issues we were all having but also making every class feel highly personal. I would recommend this to any new mom!"

"This class was a safe haven for me. Being a new mom comes with so many obstacles that you can’t even imagine until you’re in it and having an hour and a half each week to get out of the house with my son was something I so looked forward to. It was so wonderful being surrounded by women who were going through the same exact thing. It made me feel seen! Whether our babies were smiling, crying, hungry you name it, I never felt uncomfortable once! This class is a MUST! You are not alone in this journey and this class reiterates that fact, whether you are looking to hear from experts or just looking for a new mom community, don’t hesitate with this class."

If you'd like to see Mama League classes located in your town, please let us know where we should come next!

All classes are currently located in Hinsdale but are open to all mamas in the western suburbs and beyond!

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